Does praying make a difference?

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Full of Prayers

My impression is that when people feel resistant to prayer the main argument is well what difference does it make anyway. Often we feel that things are not going our way, life is not meeting our expectations and if that is the case, it means that God does not care or is not listening to us. Prayer is not a “have things the way you want them” ticket. Prayer is our way of finding a connection to God amid the chaos of our lives. Prayer is our way of checking in with God and opening the lines of communication. God is everywhere and has no need to move or get close to us because He is right where He needs to be. We on the other hand, run riot, we busy ourselves with everything and anything. We physically and emotionally distract ourselves from God and prayer is our way of…

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

This statement brings truth when Johari Osayi Idusuyi sits in silence reading a book( Claudia Rankine’s-Citizen)  while Donald Trump speaks at a presidential rally. I guess you can say that things didn’t pan out as expected. I mean….really…why would you have a VIP section setup, tell them they can’t sit there, then have an “aha” moment and think…huh…young, minority in two ways (female  &  black) coming here to listen to me speak. What a great way to boost the minority vote…..According to an article by The Slot, there were words between Idusuyi and a couple that was sitting behind her. They clearly wanted her to put the book away, but she didn’t budge. Click on  Johari Osayi Idusuyi to read up on additional information about what happened. 

Super-Model Maria Borges Smashes Beauty Standards by Rocking Afro During VS Fashion Show


Maria Borges Angolan Supermodel Maria Borges (Source: Getty / Getty)

Model Maria Borges strutted her teeny-weeny-afro down the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show and we were here for every second of it!  This was a huge moment for kinky curls, and Borges relished in the spotlight.

“For me, it is huge! I’m glad I’m doing it, you know? And they chose me to make history. I have no words to explain. It’s so good for me, and to be able to inspire the other girls everywhere as well!” she revealed in an exclusive interview with XONecole.

It’s a big moment, since tight curled tresses have always been under scrutiny for not complying with Euro-centric beauty standards. Borges working the main stage in one of the sexiest, most watched televised fashion shows, definitely gives natural hair the attention it deserves.

This isn’t the first VS show for Borges who has previously rocked the…

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Is it okay to be STRONG 💪🏾, yet BROKEN 🙍🏽 at the same time?

Wow…this is such a POWERFUL verbiage…..Is it okay to be STRONG, yet BROKEN at the same time! Let’s marinate on that for a few minutes…………IS IT OKAY TO BE STRONG 💪🏾 YET BROKEN 🙍🏽AT THE SAME TIME!…….YES!!! IT is okay to be broken down sometimes, because during that broken moment is the time that we can sit back and REFLECT on what caused us to be broken. Does that mean we are WEAK…..NO, it simply means that we are not perfect…it means we broke down and put it in GOD’S hands and that is what allowed us to be STRONG!!! It’s like a tree that is broken….Is that tree still strong? Yes it is in a way. That tree can stay bent and broken for years, yet still manage to be STRONG and withstand the storms and wraths of daily living. Will it last forever? Maybe not, but that’s the same as life….Will we be alive forever? Sometimes it takes that one thing that holds it all together……GOD!